Joshua guitar

Just bought a Joshua guitar for my 15 year old daughter.....she doesn't play yet but I thought the guitar, bought on EBAY was pretty cool looking.  Any info?  Thanks for sharing


Joshua Guitars

There's hardly any information out there about this brand, this is surprising given they were still being produced in the 1990s in Northridge California. Given the cheap prices of some of their models perhaps some were imported?  Some had sound ports in the side of the guitar so you could hear it better when you were playing it - some had a composite back like a Ovation.

Please send me some pictures (and any information & serial numbers) of the guitar to [email protected], so we can put up a page for it before the Joshua Guitars brand is forgotten forever!


Joshua Guitars

Hey I just found a Joshua guitar used at Guitar center.  I had been looking for a second (7th actually) guitar to keep on a stand in my office to play when the mood struck.  For about a week, I had gotten sidetracked by the "Acoustic" amps and wanted to get to the 60 watt version behind this guitar they had on a stand.  As I picked up the Joshua guitar and stand to move it aside I noticed the scrollwork/sound holes in the side.  I've played guitar since the Moody Blues began singing "Tuesday Afternoon" and never seen one like this.  It's a sunburst jumbo with cutout, and inlays usually reserved for instruments in the $1500 and up range.  It played NICE, has a solid spruce (I assume) top!   The Gibson rep was in the store and I handed it to him and asked what he thought.  He played it for a minute, said he really liked the neck, confirmed a solid top, and said it was a pretty nice guitar for the money.  ($129.00)  He recommended the truss rod be adjusted "or something" because the strings are a little high.  It's true up the neck and stays in tune!  

I was just looking for a way to upload a couple of pictures, but don't see a way.  :(  

Anyhow, it's signed JSP-1000 and is serial # 2122

I LIKE this for what I paid.  Would have paid twice as much!


Joshua Guitar


I'm Craig Gorton and would be happy to assist in your verifying of my story above.  :)

My email is [email protected]



I have a tiger strip accustic

I have a tiger strip accustic/electric Joshua from the late 90's. It looks just like an Ovation. My father bought it new in South Koria. It plays ok, has a hump in the neck at the body. Had to do some work on the saddel to make it a player but it looks nice.

Joshua guitar

I bought a Joshua guitar back in the 90's. It is a Jae-500f, with  an f-hole sound board. Sounds good accoustically, and sounds great through an amp.  It is one of the best playing little acoustics i have played in all my yrs. It plays more like an electric, very nice neck and phenolic back like an ovation. I think i gave around 300 for it back then. The machine heads look like grovers though they are not marked grover. I think i remember it use to say "L.A. guitar works" on a tag or something. It's not a fat body like an ovation, it is probably 3-3.5 inches at the deepest point

Joshua Guitar

Just bought a JSP-1000 Joshua guitar at our flea market in mint condition. The look of it is a cross between a hand-made finger-style custom guitar, and a Korean factory guitar. In other words, unusual, nicely made, but with a few tacky touches. The top is solid spruce (of some variety). Back and sides appear to be laminated Honduras mahogany. Neck also appears to be mahogany. Rosewood fretboard and bridge. A tasteful cutaway. Multiple top binding with faux pearl border around the top and sound hole. I replaced the original hard plastic saddle with a compensated bone saddle, threw on a new set of D'Addario light gauge strings, and was pleasantly surprised at how good it sounds. Not a lot of volume, but incredible sustain. It sounds good even when picked lightly, but is not a loud guitar, and doesn't have a lot of headroom. Would be a fine student instrument for a finger-stylist. Not a good bluegrass guitar. Fit and finish is good, but not perfect. Workmanship inside the body is pretty clean. The top braces are somewhat heavy, and it might benefit from a brace job. Action is quite good. String relief is perfect for a guitar that is probably 20 years old. I bought the guitar to take on camping trips, etc. where I don't want to risk bringing my Bourgeois. This guitar should fit the bill nicely.