Martin Limited Edition

I found in a pawn shop a limited edition (152/250) Accoustic / Electric (Fishman Prefix Pro)  “custom” Martin Serial number 811449.  No model number or name.  I have looked up the serial # and think it was made in 2001.  Does anyone know of a way that I could find its original value? 


Martin acoustic

That is a 2001 number, but I can't track down which model it is.

According to the Martin site there were no limited edition models in 2001 with a production run of 250 guitars. 

The Mark Knopfler HD-40MK had a production run of 251, and the HD-28KM (Kevin Moore) had a production run of 252, but I don't think either of those had the Fishman Prefix. The JLJCR (Jonny Lang) had the Prefix and was made in 2001, but there were only 110 of these.

Do you have any photos - send them to [email protected], What are the woods, inlays, body shapes, bracing used on your guitar? Is there anything unusual that would help to distinguish it?