Washburn D25S/TS

I have a Washburn D25S/TS.  I can't seem to find info on that specific model #, just the D25S.  Does anyone know anything about it?  I'm trying to sell it.



Washburn D25S/TS

What is the finish on the guitar? My guess is that the /TS part of the model name indicates the finish - possibly Tobacco Sunburst? I think the value should be similar to a natural finish D25S,


washburn d25s-ts

Hey Anonymous--I saw that you are looking to sell this  guitar.  I've actually got one and love it!  I'd really like to get another of the same model.
Please email me [chrisasbill at yahoo dot com --spelled it out to try to prevent accidental spam] and let me know if you still have it.