Can Anyone ID this Guitar by Its Logo?

I bought my first electric guitar in the mid- to late-'80s for about $100 (about $190 to $220 today) at a local discount music store. There is no manufacture's name on the guitar, only a logo on the headstock. Can anyone ID the manufacturer from this logo? I've attached a close-up of the headstock in hope of learning something about the guitar.  And a front and back view of the entire guitar. in case they help ID this guitar.

The guitar originally came with a single-coil pickup, but I "hacked the guitar up" by _unskillfully_ changing it to a humbucker.  I've misplaced the original pickup, unfortunately during house moves since then.





Mystery Guitar

Thanks for posting those great pictures Bob.

The logo looks like a stylized plum blossom - which is the national flower of Taiwan - maybe this is a Taiwanese brand? The styling of the guitar reminds me of the Epiphone Crestwood.



Although I haven't seen that logo before the guitar definitely looks like something from the Japanese or Korean factories that churned out loads of guitars in the past. I've had a fair few 60's, 70's and 80's MIJ guitars and the hardware on that one is identical to that sort, although the pickup looks like it's been replaced with a typical 1980's humbucker. They were sold under a lot of names such as Teisco, Jedson, Silvertone, Kay and a whole lot more but mostly they were from the same factories just branded differently. You should look on vintage Japanese guitar nerd forums for more information.

Basically they were budget priced, cheap and cheerful instruments in their day that have now gained cult status as desireable "vintage" guitars. Look at the prices they're asking on the American markets for MIJ guitars. I still have a couple but I've never paid more than 40 quid for one, so they CAN still be found if you look.

Although they were cheap and cheerful at the time they are actually often very good guitars from a player's point of view. Even though I have other guitars costing much more money they are still great because of their oddball quirks and I love mine and use them just as regularly as any others.