Help finding a mystery guitar?

Once, I was on facebook, but I was really only skimming because I was busy, and I saw this really gorgeous electric guitar. I don't know when this is or what the brand was, even, but I'd like to find it again. It had a shape generally like the average Schecter Hellraiser(or anything  like that, first one to come to mind). It was mainly black, but on the bottom right corner(well, section), and on part of the headstock, it had this bubbling orange coming out that reminded me of bright magma. This is all I remember about it, but maybe someone can help me find it? It was probably a custom but idk the brand. I've looked through all the guitar pages I follow on facebook and can't seem to find it, but the people here seem to know a lot more than I do.

Please and thank you for the help. :D