Peavey T60 plans

Hi there,

Looking to see if anyone knows where I can get a drawing of T60 body for a guitar project I am planning.
Would be happy with a tracing of the body and note of depth so I can make a template
Strange request but hopefully someone can help.
Thanks Gary


Peavey T-60 body

That sounds like a great project - I think the T-60 is a cool guitar.

Someone is selling a T-60 body - you could buy it trace & measure it then sell it on again:

It looks like the neck pocket dimensions are identical to a telecaster - 2-3/16" x 3" x 5/8" deep. 

Otherwise there are some good catalog photos of the T-60 at t-60 Mafia that you could trace in a CAD program. You can calibrate the photos using the known scale length of 25.5 inches & neck width 1.625 inches at the nut.

There is also a side view plan - if this is to scale then it gives you the body depth