unknown Fenix

Hi outhere,

I searched the net to find out wich type of Fenix guitar I own, without result. Some mean, it's a ST-10 or ST-10R.

Would you please look at it and give me a final answer?


Thanks a lot, I'm tired of searching.




Fenix Strat

Looking at your pictures I would say it is the Fenix ST-10 M model (AKA SC-10 M, SC-10 MN in the 1995 -1996 catalogs) - The "M" stands for maple neck & fingerboard which yours has. This model is in the Fenix 1991,1995 and 1996 catalogs (on www.vintaxe.com).

It seems that Fenix guitars were mainly sold in Germany - there is a 1989 ST-10-R on ebay.de now with asking price 549 Euros


unknown Fenix

Hi Nathan,

many thanks for your help. Unfortunately I have no access to the vintaxe.com catalogs. If you have them, would it be possible, to share them with me? You would do me a great favour.