Visual ID on 2012 electric bass?

Can anyone ID this 5 year old electric bass? 

Photographed in 2012 on the UK tour of Japanese pop rockers Shonen Knife:


Gig photo from Flickr

2012 OCT 08, Shonen Knife live at Birmingham UK © John Bentley / Arc Images 2012


The headstock monogram reads TS or ST. Thats a big round window-like cutout on the end of the peg head. 

A Japanese maker with European distribution would make sense, but… I've spent too much time guessing stupidly.

Thanks for any clues!



That would be it, thanks

I'm sure that's right on both counts — thanks for the quick comeback.

I wasn't familiar with either the history of Tobias or the Toby label of Epiphone, but the truth is obvious to see. 

The Ritsuko Taneda profile page is definite about her model being a Deluxe IV and not a Standard, on what evidence I don't know. 

I noticed that in the photos I've looked at, old and new, Toby branded basses have the Tobias logo backwards on the headstock. The only exceptions have been older Toby Pro models made in Korea. 

Toby logo in print and on product

In their own advertising, it's the Tobias "T" with the vine motif (the way it used to appear on Gibson-era Tobias basses)... and on the product itself the logo is flipped as seen above.

The company can't fail to realize the difference, so they must not care. Or maybe it solves a legal problem. I guess that's the difference between budget and boutique in a nutshell.

Toby Logo

I never notice that flipped logo - good spot!