I don't know what kinda cort she is but I love her!

About 5 years ago I rescued a mangled, rusted out old cort that may have been a kmart special from first glance. I loved the body and feel of the guitar so I took it to my friendly local guitar surgeon and had the guitar gutted and refurbished with the stuff I wanted on a guitar. Here I am now 5 years later and I have yet to put the guitar down and she's somewhat of a freak celebrity amongst my friends and bandmates, past and present. Only problem is, I have no idea the model name. Can you help? The guitar surgeon placed it around mid-70's. Its a thin bodied, double cutaway. Tuners are 3 to a side, H-H, originally 2v knobs, 2t knobs and a 3 way selector switch. Bolt on neck. On the headstock there is an arrowhead shaped plastic piece to cover the truss with the cort name and a lil star in front of the c in cort. It is thin but it is very wide at the bottom and the body is almost circular until the double cutaway horns, its completely symmetrical. It may be in this websites vault but there are many corts there and I don't have the time to go thru them all. Anybody know what this guitars name is?