Mystery Bass?

I bought an orange maple alvarez 5 string electric bass with EMG active pickups at a pawn shop a few years ago for $200 bucks and I love it! I have been unable to find any info on it. All the ones I've seen on the internet only have 3 knobs, 2 volume and 1 tone, however mine has 4, 1 master vol., 1 vol. for each pickup, and 1 master tone AND each of the pickup vol. knobs have their own tone control! (they are double knobs) I don't know how many like this are out there or what its worth. I think the pawn shop thought it was a piece of junk! If anyone has more info on please post it. thanks


Alvarez 5 string

Could it be the AEB5000? That has 5 strings and 4 control knobs. The full specifications are solid mahogany body with bubinga top, neck through body with a maple and walnut neck, rosewood fingerboard. On the 12th-fret there's a diagonal inlay. Scale-length 35 inches, 2 custom Alvarez HB Humbucker pickups, 2 volume & 2 tone controls, active electronics, heavy die cast bridge, Alvarez custom die cast tuners, 3+2 tuner configuration, satin chrome hardware. Natural finish only, made during 2002.


There's also one on this website (but you can't see all the 4 control knobs in the photo):

Link: Siddney Loyd's AEB5000