Not that I  would part with it...but How do you find the Value of an Uncommon Guitar ...Such as my HALIFAX...(CRUCIANELLI) GUITAR?


Rare Guitar Valuations

Don - that's an interesting question, and it applies to any rare item not just guitars. The BlueBook and others publish valuations of the commoner guitar models - they send out surveys to guitar shops and ask what they would pay for various models according to their condition. This method doesn't work with rare models, as shops would not have experience of buying or selling these guitars so they can only guess at the market value. The Blue Book sometimes undervalues some of the rarer models.

One source of information is the original retail price of the guitar - this gives some indication of the intrinsic value of the materials and workmanship in the guitar. But some guitars will become more valuable due to their desirability and collectability - which might also be related to their rarity. You could try asking a vintage guitar expert - like George Gruhn - who has experience of even the rare models, there is a great forum at as well. If you can find a collector of your guitar brand (for example with Crucianelli I would ask over at, they can give you an idea of value and might even give you an offer (you have to judge whether there is a conflict of interest if they are both buying and valuing your guitar!)

Ultimately the valuation of your guitar depends on what someone is willing to pay for it, and you wouldn't know that until you tried to sell it. With rare guitars it is important to sell in the right market place (not in the local corner shop!), so that the any collectors interested in your model know that its for sale and you can maximise your price.

I would like to try and add some price information to this website - so people could vote on each model how much they would pay for it.