1963 Douglas Acoustic

Hi! Hoping someone out there can help me find out something about an acoustic guitar. I recently bought a very simple acoustic guitar from a private owner who said he bought it in 1963 and is the original owner. It has the name 'Douglas' set diagonally on the front upper left corner of the guitar, and it looks most like the Eko acoustics of the 60's--same color, wood, size, name set in the same place, no adornment around the soundhole, Brev 3-in-line tuners, 'Made In Italy' on the back of the headstock, no preamp/no electronics, just a box of air with a fretted neck and strings. At some point during its 50 years of life, the strings had been overtightened and the bridge had lifted, curling upward from the bottom. We removed the bridge (glue and screws) soaked it in hot water, then clamped it between two pieces of wood until it flattened out, then re-glued it and screwed it back down, installed new silk-and-steel Martin strings. It sounds fantastic for a 50-year-old guitar. I can find NOTHING out there on the Net about the company, brand, manufacturer--nothing. There's a guy on Flickr that has one pictured, but his is not original and not playable. There's a listing on the website AxeWar.com that has one of these pictured with an estimated price of $10,000-$25,000 but I think that's erroneous as I can't imagine a very simple guitar like this going for such a price unless it were owned by someone famous. A poster on the AcousticGuitarForums ventured a guess that an Italian manufacturer named Fratelli Fuselli was the likely maker of this guitar for the Eko brand in Recanati, Italy before the factory that made them burned in 1966--apparently after 1966 they manufactured their own guitars. If anybody has any information about these guitars, including original price and/or current market value, Please contact me!