Guitar Brand - addition

Brand -= "CONCERTER "    - Flat Top steel 6 string - Label inside says "Concerter" ,Model No ---------,MADE IN KOREA. (I guess from 70's/80's)

Top - Mid brown ,Matt, Not straight Grained, Curved grain rays,with darker shadow grains - bit like KOA. ( Suspect it is laminate but it has a rich sound).

I rescued from a Dump( about to be thrown into a Skip) - Sweet Tone



Thanks for the suggestion - I've added Concerter to the list

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What are some reasons to choose one guitar brand over another?

It’s a very subjective subject, and often a matter of personal preference. Guitars with single wound coils will tend to sound very brilliant. Humbucking pickups will give you a much fatter, present sound, usually a bit less treble and sometimes less bass response, but strong mids. Then there is the neck and fingerboard. So many choices out there.

I own several brands of guitar, and each have their own voices and are better for certain kinds of music than the others. I like Fender a lot because they’re built so as to be easy to service and repair, and they just do an all around great job. Gibson is also an excellent brand, however, because of the labor intensive build quality, they tend to be very pricey. I’ve found some Epiphones which are actually better than some of the lower end Gibsons.