How can I add Brands and Instruments

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"Any registered user can add or edit pages."


I can't see any Button to add brands or specific instruments, nor a "How To FAQ" anywhere.

Please give me advice.


I would like to add: 

BaCh (guitars, Tchekoslovakia/Korea, currently producing)

Chevy /Chery /Cheri (guitars, Korea/USA, early to mid 90s)

Chester (guitars. Korea, early 2000s)

CJM (guitars, China, recently established)

Dynacord (guitars, Germany, late 60s)

ELK (guitars, Japan, 60s to early 70s)

Firefox (guitars, mini-guitars, Japan, early 80s)

Tenayo (guitars, Korea/China, recently producing)


How to add guitars

Thanks for adding those great guitars Frank. I need to add an FAQ explaining how to add guitars and brands to the site - I'll get to work on it on monday. 

I want to make the process easier for people to add their own guitars - maybe I could also add a feature where people could have their own gallery showcasing their own gear. Also people could have a "favourite models" list of guitars they would like to own - maybe automatically search e-bay and shops for the best deals on these guitars.

I'll add the rest of those brands next week - is a great source of information for rare brands (subscription required though). I already looked at the Chevy 1991 catalog - I'll add some more information about your Chevy guitars.


[EDIT] I have now added the F.A.Q. .