Unlisted Washburn

I own a Washburn D25S 12N which I purchased back in 1987. It is a dred body style with solid top and a natural (matte) finish. It was (and still is) one of the best sounding 12 strings I have ever played. I am considering replacing the nut and saddle with bone. If you'd like to hear iut you can go to:










Washburn D25SN

Hey. I have one too. I love it.

What is your serial number. I've had mine from new I'm sure I bought it it 1985 but the serial number starts 86? 

Only ever seen one other and that was not a matte finish. Mine has Gold Grover machine heads.

I own a 1963 Gibson Country Western and when the pick ups on there's not a lot of difference. Play about the same too.


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