Choosing a neck pickup to match a Carvin M22SD on the bridge on LTD EC256


I want to put some better pickups on the new LTD EC-256 that I just bought. I want to take advantage of a Carvin M22SD pickup that I put in my first guitar 20 years ago. This is a High Output humbucker pickup. My question is: what pickup do I put in the neck that keeps a coherence of sound and volume with the Carvin? I like to play hard rock and blues rock, and I love the sound of the EMG 81/85 pickups. I have done some research and I would like your advice.

For the neck:

-Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat
-Dimarzio d activator
-Bare Knuckle Black Hawk
-Bare Knuckle Aftermath
-EMG HZ4A (I have read that this is the passive version of the 85)
-Seymour Jazz model SH2N-4C BLK
-A modern version of an old Carvin C22N

I would be leaning towards (also for the price) the EMG HZ4A. What is your opinion?