which dimarzio pickup?

Dear members,

(please excuse my awful english!)

Currently I got a Duncan "Marc Holcomb Omega" at the bridge-position. Actually it’s quite too loud; but I like that much treble… What I don’t like is the peak in the mids… to me it sounds to nasal… compared to the other (single-coil-style-) pickups in my guitar.

Now I think about replacing it with a DiMarzio "Super 2" or a DiMarzio "D Activator Neck" — I know, these are pickups for the neck-position; but I don’t need more output than that...

I think there’s a discrepancy in the discriptions @ www.dimarzio.com:


" S u p e r 2 "


Bass = 4.0

Mid = 6.0

Treble = 8.0



"add snap to a dark sounding 25½" bolt-on"

— (and my guitar IS a „dark sounding 25½" bolt-on“...)




"D A c t i v a t o r N e c k "


Bass = 4.0

Mid = 5.0

Treble = 8.0



"the notes want to sing"

"The Neck model is designed to produce a highly focussed attack centered on the upper mid range."


According to the descriptions I’d choose the "Super 2" — but it got one point MORE mids than the "D Activator Neck"??? —— I don’t understand..?


So I like to know:

Which one of both is more “aggressive“? Which one “bites“ more..? (to compensate my „dark sounding 25½" bolt-on“ — the best as possible?)

Thank you so much for your help!

Groovy regards