About fretboard generator and new versions of Sketchup

I am pretty sure this plugin has been around at least since Sketchup 6.  Has it been updated through 7 and 8?


Fretboard plugin for Sketchup 7 and 8

I haven't updated this plugin for a while. It might work as it is - try it out and report back any errors.

I will be using it soon, as I have some fretboard blanks to play with. I'll update it then,

all the best


cannot get it to load

It does not load with version 8. Has anyone tried it yet? I really like to try it. Thanks.


I'm using 8 and it loaded and looks great. 

Working on getting this to read for use with a cnc, anyone went that far yet?

Big Thanks to the person that took the time to make this plugin, you are awesome. 


Does not load

This plugin does not load in 2013 veresion .  Anyone have a fix?