Amazingly useful plugin! Better than SketchUp Pro DXF export.

I actually own the Pro version of SketchUp (specifically to export DXF files), but when I exported the model I was working with today and imported it in to some CAD tools for post-processing, the polylines had small disconnects at the corners with lines intersecting curves.  This unfortunately caused the imports to fail.  I spent hours trying different DXF export / import settings with no improvement.

While searching for help with this issue, I stumbled upon this website.  I downloaded the plugin and gave it a try, and to my amazement the DXF imported with no errors on the first try!  So this plugin's DXF export is actually doing a better job than the Pro version of SketchUp (at least for the models I'm working with).

Thanks for creating such a useful (and high-performing) plugin!