Is there going to be a plugin update, so that circles and arches are saved as "real arches and circles", not polygons?




Hi Robert,

You are correct, that is a limitation of the plugin - but I was not too concerned about it when I wrote it. I wanted to use it for CNC machining and the CAM software decomposed any arcs to line segments any way.

I have tried to implement proper circles and arcs but I couldn't figure out the way AutoDesk DXF coordinates work for circles and arcs - the circles were appearing in the wrong places. But it should be possible I need to read up more on the DXF file specifications


 Circles move


There is a plugin but when curves are grouped then they move
sometimes after an export to DXF. The plugin exports real arches and circles.

I've been writing here about it, it's necessary to be registered.
When there are no groups it's ok, but inconvenient, edition in SU is



Exporting circles

Thanks Robert! - that's the issue I was experiencing - the arcs and circles were the right size but moved to the wrong position, I'll check up on the links you posted.


Exporting Circles Update

Dear Nathan, did you have any luck updating the plugin to create vector circles? It would be a great help for CNC routing.