Compatibility with CAD and CAM programs

The plugin's output is compatible with the following CAD/CAM programs tested so far: 

DXF: Cambam, Sketchup, A9CAD, AutoCAD LT (evaluation version), DoubleCAD
STL: FreeMill, Vectric Cut-3D (evaluation version), Roland Modela Player, Boxford's 3D GeoCAM.


DWG conversion

 I have Down loded both of the skp to dxf files and have failed to get pictures out of DWG True View Applicaion, AutoCAD DWG Launcher and Autodesk DWF Application. Do you have any advise, please?

If I can get this to work It would be the best thing since sliced bread to me and Fensec Ltd


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William Leak



Hi William,

Can you give a bit more detail. Is the DWG viewer program expecting a DWG file? The plugin exports DXF files, which are text files whereas DWG files are binary. The DWF file format is also different from DXF. Maybe this is related to the problem. Are there any error messages? Can you open the DXF file in a text editor?

I am going to try to download True View, as it is free, and have a go myself.

There are free programs (like DoubleCAD) that can open DXF and save as DWG.


STL Plugin & Carvewright

I own a Carvewright woodworking system and I can confirm that this plugin works with version 1.162 of the Carvewright Designer software. 


Thanks so much for making this great tool available!


Compatibility with CAD and CAM programs

Google Skech Up exported as .stl and/or .dfx (lines) is compatible with DeskProtoLite v 5.0 (not freeware) as basis for toolpath generation

MeshCAM Art works

I'm using this plugin to export STL to MeshCAM Art, and it is working.

Thanks for creating this plugin!





Worked first time in Art Cam pro 2008.

Thank you for making my life 1000% easier, I was getting really fed up with having to learn another 3d program to be able to import 3d models into Art Cam, but now I can use Sketch up with it!!

Yeeee Haa!


Also works fine with Corel Draw & Inkscape (often used to send output to laser cutters / engravers)

Works with LibreCAD

Sucessfule in converting a 2D .skp to a 2D .dxf and viewed in LibreCAD.

compatability w. Solid v4.2

The plugin's output is compatable with Cabinet Vision Solid v.4.2. Output to trangular mesh dxf. Then import dxf in Solid.

Solid version 5 claims to import sketchup8 directly.

catalyst (dimension software)

The plugin worked fine with the Catalyst 4.2 software for Dimension 1200 3D printer.

Looks like a great tool. First results were 100% good prints. Amazing.


Wout Zweers

Was hoping to import as a

Was hoping to import as a .dwg or dxf in to visio....will not work, any advise would be welcomed..... there is a free viewer availabloe on the web to test with.

PTC and AutoDesk readable


We just tested two PTC products: Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4 and ProductView 7.0.90. Both products opened a dxf that was exported to lines. Pro/E WF4 handeled it as a sketch and in PView we could confirm that the dimensions are absolutely perfect.

We also tested Autodesk DWG TrueView R17.1.65.0. This could display the exact model, but not more. The capabilities of this tool are limited to just view. Period.

I hope we could help :)

Happy everyday :)

- Paul

Managed to export to DXF,

Managed to export to DXF, then import into the demo version of BobCAD.


But, circles become polygons that closely resemble circles. This is not a big deal when displayed, but apparently automatic fabrication machines don't like it.


Thanks for creating this plugin.

Sketchup Make 2015, MakerBot Desktop 3.7

I used the STL export with success in Sketchup Make 2015 and MakerBot Desktop was pleased.
First I tried to open the files with ReplicatorG, which failed, because this program can read only the binary STLs.

Chris Ueberall;

Confirmed Working Great with LaserWeb/CNCWeb

Tested lenghtily over the last year and ALWAYS get consistently great Polyline Exports that we can use for CNC/Laser CAM toolpaths! Well done!
Documented: / laserWeb / CNCWeb is 100% free/open source CNC/Laser/Lathe/Mill CAM and control software!