Convert to STL problem

I suspect this is a problem with how I made the object in Sketchup, but when I attempt to convert it to STL, I get an error screen that reads: "283 faces exported, 0 lines exported, 757 objects ignored". It does not convert to STL. Any ideas about how I can correct this? Thanks. Pico


STL export file


That message is not an error - its just for information. The STL files only contain triangular faces  and any individual lines are ignored.

You need to make sure that you add the .STL file extension to your export filename in the save dialog box. Also make sure that your system isn't hiding STL files and that the save directory name does not contain any special characters like "ą, ż, ź, ć, ń, ó, ł".

I hope this helps. If not please post a reply,


file type is a certificate trust list?

i exported my model, and the file extension was .stl, but the type is a certificate trust list. what is this and do i need to worry about it?

STL file extension

This is nothing to worry about. The .STL file extension used by 3D stereolithography files is also used by certificate trust list files, and by default Windows assumes the latter. If this is the case (and only if it bothers you) you can change the program associated with the .STL extension.

For example this is how you do it in Windows 7

Link; Change default file association in Windows 7

You will then be able to open STL files in your chosen program by double clicking them.

I get it now! Add to the file

I get it now! Add to the file name: .stl and that's it. I now have the file in my documents. Thanks very much. Pico

STL extension

I encountered the same isssue  -  it was really helpful to read these postings!  Thanks

Thanks again for the help and

Thanks again for the help and for producing this plugin! I uploaded the part to Shapeways and it will now be made. This is a first for me and it's real exciting.       Pico