Conveter in Tools menu but does not function

I use Sketchup Pro 6.   I have it installed on three computers.  On two computers the SKP to STL/DXF conversion plugin works perfectly, on the third computer the Export to DXF to STL is there under Tools menu and is in the Plugins folder, but nothing happens when clicking on  Export to DXF to STL in Tools menu.


I uninstalled SketchUp and then reinstalled  SketchUp and  the SKP to DXF/STL converter and still nothing happens still.


I had previously uninstalled the SKP to DXF/STL converter, though the Export to DXF or STL remained in the Tools menu.  I then reinstalled the SKP to DXF/STL converter, though still it did not function.


What is odd is that this computer was recently upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows  XP Pro.  The converter functioned when the Win2000 was the operating system.


I use the exported DXF and STL files in CAM BAM, and CAM BAM is very happy, as am I.


I bet this is comthing simple that I am overlooking.


Thank you for this great Plugin and your continuing assitance to all of us on this forum.




DXF exporter issue

Thanks for the detailed description! I have no idea what the problem is though! When you click on the "export to DXF/stl" in the tools menu does the dialog box appear at all?

Is Windows XP Pro is the business version of XP? It could be that the plugin file does not have the right permissions to run. Have you tried it when logged in as the administrator?

If you have the Sketchup Pro version you should be able to export to DXF without the plugin though. You could also try installing the latest free version of Sketchup on that computer,


The dialog box does not

The dialog box does not appear at all.


I used windows XP on all computers.


Yes SketchUp Pro does export DXF files, but they are not exported the correct size.  I use Cam Bam so can get the DXF close to the original size, but sitll not exactly. 


I will keep trying.


Same problem here. but on windows 7 pro. 

Box does not appear:/

ok I got it

I didn't know that there is sketchup 8, I had to download it manually and then after installing I got a new error. 

Box appeared, but I had to write ".dxf" after name of file:] try this one.