Cut 3-d problem

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone could help me understand what I'm doing wrong. I installed the dxf/stl export plugin to Sketchup 7 and now have the extra 'export dxf/stl' feature in my Tool pulldown menu.


I created a simple 6" diameter circle and pulled it up 2" in height.

Dragged a selection box over the whole cylinder and used the Export STL tool.

Saved the cylinder as an STL.

Opened cut 3-d.

Attempted to open the rcently saved STL file of the cylinder from SKetchup.

There is no file that appears in the 'Open' window of the folder that the STL file was saved to.

I'm using the "All 3D Files" as well as "STL" file types but there is no file showing up in the Open window.

I believe I've read where others have had success with this plugin to export STL files to Cut 3D so I assume that I'm doing something wrong?


Thanks for any advice,




Cut 3D

If you browse the folder using Windows explorer, do you see the STL file?

It might be that you need to rename the file, making sure that it has a .STL file exnsion on the end of the filename so that Cut3D recognises it as an STL file.

I have used it sucessfully with Cut3D, so I am sure that it will work eventually!


Thanks Nathan,   You had it

Thanks Nathan,


You had it pegged. Went in and added the stl suffix and it was recognized and loaded just fine. Thanks for the advice,