Dimensions not exported in .dfx (works in Pro)

Hi - I'm using the free sketchup version on a mac.  I created an object and annotated it with dimensions.  I installed the plugin for exporting .dxf files, but when I open the resulting .dfx file in Solidworks eDrawings, I do not see any dimensions.  It's sure to be my error, but can you point me in the right direction?

I downloaded the trial version of Sketchup Pro, and used it's export to create a .dfx file.  When I open that in Solidworks, I do see the dimensions.

Any ideas? 

Thanks for the help.


Dimensions not export

I'm afraid this shortcoming is by design. I made the plugin to export just the 3D model itself for CNCor 3D printing applications. It should be possible to modify the plugin to export dimensions - but I don't plan on doing it myself. It is open source so perhaps you could get some one who knows Ruby to have a look?

All the best