DXF export problem

Hi Nathan,

I have problem with DXF exporting (SU 8, W7, 64bit).

When I export the exploded model from component I do standard procedure (units, DXF type, file name with DXF extension) but nothing happens.

When I try to similar model in new file I can export it normally. When I try to import the problematic model into new file and remodel it according imorted one, the DXF export doesn't work.

Thank you very much for any help.



The problematic model I've sent you at mail [email protected].


Dxf export issue

Mikulas I got the SKP file you sent. It exported to dxf OK, I used the 2d dxf lines option and sent the file back to you.

DXF file export


Nathan, thanks for your express response and DXF file which is correct.

I've found already where is the problem fortunately.

If I create new file with new model and save it in folder all works correct. When I move the file in other folder - open the file - continue with modelling - save the model in changed folder and then I try to export DXF into changed folder - nothing happens.

BUT when I export DXF into original folder, although the file is saved in changed folder, everything works perfectly.

I thought that it's necessary to export DXF into folder where is saved the skp file, but probably some link between file and folder is create during first saving and DXF export is linked to original folder. Is it possible?

I'm not expert on programming like you, it's only my deduction :-)

Thank you very much for your time and kind help which is much appreciated.


how to select side to be visible in the DXF file

When I export to DXF a flat component i would like to get the flat surface visible in the dxf file when I open it. Now I only get the top view of the component and this is not very useful, how do I change the view that is sent to DXF??