export scenes/sections in 2d/3d view from su



First of all thanks for this great plugin!


I tested it today and results are ok. The model is exported to dxf file with no problems... but how to export just a view from sketchup not whole model? I often make a slice sections in su and I would like to expoty only the sliced view in 2d to acad... that functionality is avalible in su pro where you can specify if you would like to export 2d dwg/dex drawing or 3d model... Could it be possible to add this function to your superb exporter?


..and other thing... it is not a bug but in some circumstances the exporter will bring no results... it happens when you try to save the exportet file in a location where one of the folders will have non latin characters... eg: "ą, ż, ź, ć, ń, ó, ł" ...etc





Exporting viewpoints

Thanks Mikolaj,

Firstly I think it should be possible to export the current view as a 2D file. Do you mean export the edges visible from the current viewpoint? That would not be too hard, I will try to implement that feature

Secondly thanks for spotting that non latin characters bug, some people have reported this behaviour but I haven't been able to replicate it and now I have an idea what is going on. I think it may be a limitation of the ruby API, but at least I can suggest that people use latin characters only.

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Hi Nathan,   Sorry for the

Hi Nathan,


Sorry for the delay with the response.

First of all thanks for engagement.

1. What would be an interesting and usefull feature in exporting is as you said "export the edges visible from the current viewpoint" - for me as well it would be more important to export to 2d that to 3d, especially if you coule implement export from 'special' views as "front, left, right & top" in parallel view rather than in perspective

2. It the exporter could export 'sections' as it is visible on a screen - without cut part of a drawing

3. regarding the bug with non Latin characters - I am not quite sure if it is a Ruby API limitation but it might be - eg built in exporters does not have this issue but I do not know it those exportes are written in Ruby.

Regards & Thanks,