Exports to a single line only.


I'm trying to use this plugin to export a dxf file to a cnc machine but am having problems. My drawing, a curved rail in a door only exports as a straight line. Any ideas on what is going wrong here?

I'm using the latest version of Sketchup make 2015?


Same problem

I have the same problem as described here.  I'm using Sketchup 13 on a Mac running OSX 10.9.5.  

I will email you the .dxf and the Sketchup file.  The Sketchup file has a circle and a bowl in it.  I selected the circle
and face for export the first time.  The second time I exploded the circle and only exported the lines.  I got the
same result each time.

Put your drawing on the Top plane

The problem is that the plugin is looking down from above the Camera/Standard Views/Top plane.  If you put your drawing on another plane (Front in my case), the plugin only sees it as a straight line, and that's what gets exported. I rotated my drawing to the correct plane, exported, and it worked perfectly!