How do you download it?!?!!?!?!?!? It's just a bunch of codes

It's just a bnch of codes!?!?!??! There's no download option.


Saving the plugin

If I understand you correctly you are clicking on the download link but a page of code appears in the web browser instead of a download dialog. The best thing is to go back to the download page and right click on the download link and choose "Save". If you have any problems get back to me - with details of which web browser you are using.


Same Problem

Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem too.  When I click on the download link it opens up a new web browser with a page of code.  When I right click on the download link, it only allows me to "Save target as" which doesn't work.  I'm using Internet Explorer 9.  Thanks.

Google Chrome Works

I tried it with Google Chrome and it actually works.  The file downloaded as soon as I clicked on the link.  I wonder why it doesn't work with Internet Explorer.

Download Plugin

Thank you for the tips.  Worked great with G-Chrome in Windows 7.  Now off to Staples to see if the .stl file will print properly.  I called and asked if that format was supported and they said it was ;-)

Doesn't work for me

Tried the download in Chrome, and the right-click doesn't give me a "Save As..." choice.

Using Mac OS 10.10.5

Is it possible to cut-and-paste that code into a file that can be imported / installed somehow?

- D.

Downloading in OS 10.10.5

The code is also available for download at:

To install the plugin you can either download the file "skp_to_dxf.rb" to your Sketchup plugins folder (the location of which depends which version of Sketchup you're using) or make a zipped version of the "skp_to_dxf.rb" file and rename it "skp_to_dxf.rbz" and install via the Sketchup menus (Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension)


Page full of symbols

Right click as mentioned above.  Use the "Save Target As" option.  The name of the file is "skp_to_dxf".

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