Painted faces don't appear?

I am trying to use my file in Unity 3d, but when I try and import it directly using the DXL format, none of the faces with a painted materials on them appear. I then tryed importing it into Blender using the STL format and the same problem occured. Why is this?



Sorry I meant DXF* not DXL

Painted faces

Unfortunately the plugin just imports the basic shape, but not the colours or textures of the faces.

Are the textured faces missing altogether or just blank?



Hi, thanks for this great plugin. It seems to be a first ever, yet anyone would tell you it is the most needed. Please, would you try to make a plugin that maintains the textures as well? This would save anyone who wanted to use google models in Unity or any other 3d program hours and hours of effort.Hell, I would easily pay $10.00 for such a program. As you are aware I'm sure the collada export from Google warehouse doesn't work very well 90% of the time. Thanks,

Similar issue

Hi! I have a very similar problem, when I convert my file to .dxf and send to a person who is opening it with AutoCAD he sees only the contours, all the faces have completely disappeared. Most of them are colored in the original .skp file (just plain colors, not complicated textures), some are even white as default, but they all just aren't there in the converted file :-(

Thank you for your help, Mario

Mesh option

Did you choose one of the mesh options for the export (DXF polyface mesh or DXF triangular mesh)?


Sure! I tried all of them, in

Sure! I tried all of them, in every case the best I can obtain is the (correct) wireframe alone. If this can help, I've made available the file I'm trying to convert (ultimeprove = last trials) and the polyfacemesh output in a .zip file here:

Thank you! Mario