Problems with download Plugin

I have the free Sketcup 8 version. I am trying to download the STL plugin. There are two downloads, one for Sketchup 6,7,8, and the second for Sketchup 8 maintenance release 2 and later. Anyway, I could not download neither one. I get a message says > Windows cant open this file, need to know witch program ...etc.

I want to buy a 3D priter which says it works on STL. anyone to help? thanks


Plugin download

Can you try right clicking and choose save as?

If you can't download the plugin e-mail me via the contacts page and I'll send it to you,



Can't download the STL exporter. Can you send it to me?






I also tried to send a message through the contact area and received an error message as well.





Problem with download

Hi,  I downloaded the zip file and when I extracted the file I got a 10KB file with the .rb extention, Sketchup is looking for a file with .rbz extention.  Is it just an error in the file name or are these different files?

You don't need to extract the file

You don't need to extract the file yourself:- the RBZ files are zipped RB files- so Sketchup will take care of the extraction.