save as type

I am still kind of new to sketchup so there is alot that I dont know, but I found the plugin skp_to_dxf got the down load and install to work but when I go to the file or tool tab to do the export everything works until the end it asks for a file name but there is no file type that it is being saved as. I saved it anyway and then tried to open it in another cad program but the file was not there which is understandable since there is file type. so my question is how do I get a .dxf or .stl file extension when I save a file?

I hope the info here is clear enough, if not let me know and I will do my best to provide the info you need.






File extension

Hi Orson,

Have you tried typing the file extension into the save dialog when you save the file? Type the whole filename plus the ".stl" or ".dxf". I think the file save dialog sometimes behaves a little unexpectedly, If this doesn't work can you tell me what version of Sketchup and operating system you have.


Can the plugin add .dxf or

Can the plugin add .dxf or .stl by itself if I type file name without an extension?