.stl PlugIn

Hi    On my laptop in the program files there is GoogleSketchup8, and also Sketchup2013.  When in the program and check Help it says it is 2013Eval....Have not been able to get either running the .stl PlugIn.                      Which program file should I use SU8 or SU2013Eval.                  I will then try again.   Thanks      Charlie


Sketchup Version

Hi Charlie,

I am using Sketchup 8 (free version) and the plugin works with this.

I notice that Sketchup has changed their download page - I haven't tried "Sketchup Make" yet.


.stl PlugIn

Hi Nathan


Followed yor comments.  Have rmoved  Google Sketchup Make ad installed   Sketchup 8.   Now the plug-in works great.