Tune the size of the triangular facets

Hi just a question


Is ther a possibility to tune the size of the smallest triangular facets. I have problems when I export very small parts  to stl format. The rapid prototyping fims say that the data have failures. I think due to small parts 0.4 mm.


sorry for my bad english



Sketchup and small triangles

Hi Adrian,

I think Sketchup has a general problem very small measurements less than 0.5mm - you can end up with holes in the exported model. Often people scale up their model before exporting it - but then you have to find another application to scale it back to the proper size (Meshlab perhaps?).

Meshlab is useful for fixing problematic STL files, it can find and fix duplicate vertices&edges and small holes and check whether the STL file is manifest (watertight with no holes).

Link: Meshlab mesh editor