GUILD X160 Rockabilly reviews

GUILD X160 Rockabilly Reviewed by: Anonymous Date: 2015
I got completely stock orange Westerly built Guild X160 "Rockabilly" in a trade a couple of years ago. It's got great DeArmond 2000 pickups and a Bigsby licensed Guild tremolo. It's a pretty versatile guitar. Aside from great Rockabilly, I've played Blues gigs, played it a lot in a nine piece Western Swing band, and have even done a few Swing & Jazz shows as well with it. It's great for Chet Atkins/Merl Travis style picking' as well. I play it mainly thru a Deluxe Reverb '65 Blackface reissue, but have done shows & dances plugged into a Mexican Blues Junior (best sounding circuit) and an original American Blues Deluxe as well. It sounds great thru all these amps. The Jazz tone is just a tad muddy, as one would expect with single coils voiced for Rockabilly. At one point, for some reason, (I'm not sure what I was thinking), I decided to put a roller bridge on it, but I plan on putting the stock bridge back on, as it stayed in tune just fine before. Fit & finish are excellent, it's performed flawlessly for the four or five years I've had it, it seems pretty durable and doesn't scratch easily.Tones are pretty versatile, especially for genres it was designed for. Playability is excellent and it's pretty resistant to change due to temp and humidity. I've not had to adjust the truss rod at all. It's a great guitar!