YAMAHA RBX 250 reviews

YAMAHA RBX 250 Reviewed by: DAXZ Date: 2023
I recently just bought a Yamaha RBX 250 off of a friend for a mere $50. As my first and only bass, I think it sounds fantastic! Although the bass was discontinued whilst my mom was in high school, it sounds just as a p-bass should sound! My bass does need a tad bit of restoration done to it, but on the other hand, it looks and plays like a proper bass. Great bass! (NOTE: I think my version of it may have been modded or altered a tad since my tuning heads are black, while the ones I've seen on videos and even on the display image here are silver.)
YAMAHA RBX 250 Reviewed by: Anonymous Date: 2021
Light smooth playing and fast. Set up properly this bass is awesome and easy to play