ALVAREZ 5032 TIMBER RIDGE Reviewed by: Rob Jacobus Date: 2012
I was given this Silver Addition 5032 serial number 63957, when a friend found it at the dump after suffering water damage that had caused the glue to part in a few places around the sounding board and the back as well. Spent a few days looking at it and then re-glued as best as I could. The bridge saddle was missing I happened to have a spare from another guitar I have, so tried it in for fit and was perfect height and all. Wow! For being a rescue instrument this Alvarez 5032 is amazing! The tone quality that it produces is wonderful! The action is so smooth and low that you can play hours and never tire! About to add a Fishman Neo-D pickup and eventually Fishman Eclipse blend as well! Looking forward to see just how much sound this can produce via body pickup, string pickup, and sound hole mic, and adding an external mic as well..... could be amazing!
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