FENDER DG-5 (NO. 095-0500) reviews

FENDER DG-5 (NO. 095-0500) Reviewed by: Larry Date: 2017
I was bought this guitar as a Christmas gift back in 2004 and it is a very good acoustic. Yes it needed a set up because the action was too high, but it is a fantastic sounding instrument and it's tuning is very stable-it rarely goes out of tune.
FENDER DG-5 (NO. 095-0500) Reviewed by: Fender lover Date: 2017
This "beginner" grade (and priced, sold new in the 90s for a little over $100) guitar is actually quite playable and sounds very good! Foregoing the ubiquitous electronics package allowed fender to offer a higher quality instrument at an unbeatable price...it performs as well as many $300-500 acoustic dreadnaughts (ones WITH electronics, anyway) and the rosewood fretboard is easy on the fingers compared to other "budget" guitars of that era. If you don't need the built in electronics (I just sit in front of a shure SM-58 mic and get beautiful results...I prefer that to my drop-in Fishman piezo that I bought just for this fender), then this guitar is a steal! On the downside, the nut and bridge are fairly cheap (tuning machines are surprisingly tight and rarely slip out of tune). That being said,I have used mine daily for almost 20 years without having to replace either the bridge or the nut and it still going, though an upgrade would improve the overall appeal and ease of string changing, which is an archaic plastic peg into wood block design favored by most cheapie acoustic manufacturers. A cutaway would help, too, but then it wouldn't be a true dreadnaught, and it would probably cost more. If you see one for $100 or less, don't hesitate if it's in good condition... nuts and bridges are easy to replace and it would be a good time to upgrade them inexpensively if there is excessive wear (like on mine). Overall a great deal for the price!