Ibanez RS530 reviews

Ibanez RS530 Reviewed by: R Dhu-man Date: 2019
I first bought one from a friend in 1989 for $250 with a case. I used it to record on my trusty old Tascam 4-track cassette for hundreds of songs and many different styles (metal, country, hard rock, gothic etc). Somewhere along the way it was stolen. Then, in 2018 I started to look for another and was surprised that the prices had shot up a lot. Some were going for 6-700 bucks in dubious shape. After a few months search I landed one for, you guessed it, $250 (no case) I was thrilled to have my baby back! I had it fully serviced and set up by a pro and man, does this thing rock like a McLaren super car. Versatile in sound range, insanely awesome action, total shredder and very good looking to boot! I will never again be separated from my red beauty. Now I record digitally and it really does the trick. This is a must guitar for any Ibanez lover.
Ibanez RS530 Reviewed by: Anonymous Date: 2019
This is a great guitar. The body feels light and the paint jobs are really nice. The sound is crisp and clear. The coil tapped buttons give you sound options for whichever genre you want to play. I think these 1984-85 guitars are great!