ALVAREZ 5212 REGENT SPECIAL Reviewed by: From 86 Date: 2020
My 5212 s# sl 861146 was purchased in 1986, in efforts to help keep me at home when I was 14 yo. Anyways, still have it. It's been threw hell. And play it for a week, Then pick up an electric. Ha ha. Yes it was* Hard' on my fingers. Especially as a thin skinned skinny kid. And taking oppertunity to use school walls to scrape my fingertips along as I walked in effort to build calis did work long term, but often excessively tender and waundering away from the schoolyard, I realized all it took was; Play. Just play. Dont hammer it. Learn it. And that's when I fell in love with it. It Did have good acoustics. And right strings, with some minor mods; have made it a regular played. Too this day. But, too each there own. How I found here. Thought I'd look at what others thought of it. Well there ya go. My review of the 1986 5212.
ALVAREZ 5212 REGENT SPECIAL Reviewed by: Anonymous Date: 2020
I've had this guitar for over 2 years now. I originally bought it from a pawnshop for $60. At the time I didn't know anything about buying used guitars and later found out that the action on the guitar was entirely too high. Ended up having around $150 into repairs. And i have to say even though I'm not a good guitarist, I love this guitar. I doubt I will ever get rid of it. Laminated Spruce top,mahogany back and sides. I have a 1985 Alvarez Regent 5212.
ALVAREZ 5212 REGENT SPECIAL Reviewed by: Anonymous Date: 2018
I bought this guitar for $200 in 1995 and it has been great. The only problem is that the action is really hard and it kills my fingers! Got to have really thick calluses. I agree with the other comment about the "magical wood or something" because it has a rich sound that projects far which was great when I was playing in college on the beach or outdoors. I have often thought there was something special about it, maybe a solid top with special wood or something (though I can't tell). Great for a cheap guitar!