CORT MATT GUITAR MURPHY (MGM-1) Reviewed by: Zeynal Date: 2020
İ have played over 20 guitars in last 10 years and believe me this is the best. i had played american dgt prs, american gibson, american jackson sl1, 5 ibanez prestige, fender eric johnson, fender select tele, fender vintage 57, fender vintage hot rod 57, fender usa deluxe, fender usa standart, and 6 from other cort guitars this is the best this is the best. and also i have 2 mgm1 now İf you want to buy one of my mgms you have to pay over 3000 $
CORT MATT GUITAR MURPHY (MGM-1) Reviewed by: pbrening Date: 2015
Just thought I'd let you know... I've owned a MGM for over 15 years... and it's been a great little guitar. After all these years, having kept great care of it... it still plays true and easy. the neck/frets... still play like butter. easy, smooth. I have had absolutely no problems... I play with a volume pedal and leave the knobs wide open. is it a strat? no... is it an LP... no... but that's ok... it's kind of a hybrid of sorts. seriously, every friend of mine that has ever played it, always says WOW. They can't believe it... it's like... so easy (short scale) to sit and play all night with this thing. Right now I'm playing through a Vox AC15... and it does the job for any style. the coil-tap is good... resembles single coil.. in the fact that you have to volume up to equal the sound levels of the humbuckers. pretty normal. low noise... I, in all these years have never regretted getting this little gem... btw... I traded a Jackson with a bad neck and only paid $300 for it... 15 years ago. great steal for me. go for it... although I think this one is a bit over priced... try to get one under 4 bills. at least. enjoy... you'll not regret it. pb