EPIPHONE PR-775 S reviews

EPIPHONE PR-775 S Reviewed by: Ozark Date: 2022
The Orville pr 775 s was produced by epiphone in 1990/1991.The square shoulder guitar has the Gibson bell and the Orville crescent and star on the headstock,as tribute to Orville Gibson’s first guitars of 1891 The pr775s was produced from 1992 /1996 and has epiphone and flower inlaid pearl on the headstock also has sloped shoulders like a j45 in 1995 and may also be made in a square shoulder version .The rosewood guitars are so great sounding they can rival any Martin ,Gibson ,Taylor, Larivee of 5 times the price. They are a super well crafted with beautiful wood grains that sounded great new and sound better now at close to 30yrs old.I own both the 1991 Orville Pr 775s and a 1995 Pr 775 se square shoulder and round respectively. I own a Martin d16 ,Gibson J45 and Gibson j15. I play an epiphone Pr 650 from1980 ,daily and the best sounding as wel as the pr775 but it’s so pretty I have to dress up to play it.
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EPIPHONE PR-775 S Reviewed by: Anonymous Date: 2015
The dates you gave of manufacture are incorrect. The dates on the Epiphone website state that this guitar was manufactured in 6 and 12 string models in 1990-91.
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