FENDER AERODYNE STRATOCASTER Reviewed by: Richard Lovekin Date: 2018
I just bought a used 1994 Fender Aerodyne from G.C. I love this guitar. I have owned two other strats. One was a 1992 Plus/Deluxe, the other was an american standard. This guitar has a much better sound and feels like it was made for comfort. It has a thinner body and the neck is very comfortable to play. My 1994 has no pick guard and the input is on the side of the guitar. Later (when?) fender added a glued on pick guard and put the input on the front of the guitar like all fender strats. I have other top end guitars (PRS custom 22, Gibson Les Paul, 1968 Grestch Country Gentleman and others. This Aeordyne has become my "go-to- guitar". It is also to gig with.
FENDER AERODYNE STRATOCASTER Reviewed by: Anonymous Date: 2018
Super son, une vrai guitare de pro et certainement la meilleur STRATOCASTER du marché. http://aerodyne.fr/guitare-fender/guitare-electrique-aerodyne/perle-rare-fender-japan-exclusive-aerodyne-stratocaster/