Harvey Thomas

Harvey Thomas was a creative American guitar maker in the 1960s and 1970s. Imagine Willy Wonka had a guitar factory and you will get something close to Harvey Thomas' workshops in Midway Washington. He had a guitar-trees in his garden - Douglass firs hung with guitars like christmas trees. Mannequins were dotted around the compound in various poses. His Thomas Custom guitar models were similarly eccentric - some shaped like crosses some with double or triple necks.

Harvey performed on the local lounge circuit as a one man band : Harvey Thomas and the Infernal Music Machine. The centerpiece of this was his triple neck guitar, with a six string guitar, a twelve string guitar and a bass. The machine also had various amps, effects, flashing lights, a early drum machine and a foot operated organ.

By the 1980s Thomas was concentrating on other business activities like renovating vintage buses.

Yuri Landman

Yuri Landman is a Dutch experimental luthier, musician and comic artist. He has built electric zithers, electric cymbalum, electric 3rd bridge guitars, and electric Koto. Yuri started making instruments out of wood salvaged from furniture and door frames. He used hardware salvaged from old guitars as well as audio equipment, printers, and other electronic stuff.

His instruments challenge the conventions of guitar making with unusual (but also traditional) tuning intervals, drone strings, moveable bridges and pickups.


Atlansia is the brand of Japanese guitar maker and genius inventor N. Hayashi, and has been active for at least 40 years. Also makes guitar making machinery. Atlansia appears to be distrbuted in Japan only.

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