GIBSON U-2 #80638651

1988 Gibson U2.jpg

Made in 1988. Bound body, H/S/S pickups with individual switches, locking licencesed trem, Explorer headstock, Hard Case. Extensively gigged - major marks all over, especially on the back. Owned since early 2011. Hell Yeah! Moose.

GIBSON ES-240 #unknown

Build Year – 1977,  Day - 285

Plant/Product number (of that day): Kalamazoo/132

Bought in 1978 at the old Giannini Music Center store on Irving Park Rd. in Chicago.

Prototype: Bare wood around where the Tailpiece Stud Inserts holes were drilled are visible, so I covered them wilt red felt.  The store informed me about that before I bought it.

Modifications: I replaced the Stopbar tail piece with a TP-6 for precise tuning. Also replaced the strap buttons with the Schaller Strap Lock system.

Gibson Les Paul original patent

Les Paul's electric guitar patent

Google's new free patent search engine is a great way of researching guitar history. If you type "McCarty guitar" into the search box you can view the original 1955 patent documents for the Les Paul Guitar. You can also access the 1957 patents for the Gibson Explorer, Flying V and the rare Moderne model.

Leo Fender's numerous patents are available if you search using his full name "Clarence L Fender".

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