• Gibson ES-150DC - walnut, hollow bodied electric guitar
    Gibson ES-150DC


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  • electric guitars

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1969 to 1975

GIBSON made the ES-150 DC between 1969 and 1975. It was a double cut-away shaped like an ES-335 but with a 3 inch deep hollow body and a master volume control. Gibson discontinued this model in 1975 after making a total of 2,427 guitars.

Source: George Gruhn. Guitar Player, Rare Bird Column, January 1993

Specifications (28)


Number of control knobs5 control knobs
Tone controls2 tone controls
Volume controls3 volume controls
Pickup selector controls3-way selector switch


Finish colorsnatural finish, red finish, walnut finish
Made inUSA
Number of strings6 strings
Scale length24.75 inches scale-length


Body back materialmaple body back
Body depth3 inches body
Body shape featuresarchtop, double cutaway
Body sides materialmaple body sides
Body stylearchtop
Body top materialmaple body top
Hollow bodyhollow body
Pickguard shaperaised pickguard
Soundhole2 f-holes


Bridgetune-o-matic bridge
Hardware colorchrome hardware
Tailpiecetrapeze tailpiece
TunersKluson tuners


Fingerboard inlay materialpearl fingerboard inlay material
Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersblock fingerboard position markers


Neck jointset neck
Neck materialmahogany neck
Number of frets22 fret
Tuner layoutthree-each-side

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GIBSON ES-150 DC reviewed by Anonymous

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I got this guitar in 1972, trading in a Gretsch Anniversary ca. late 60s. I still wanted the full body electric, but with the the famous Gibson slim neck. The Gretsch had a very thick neck. I played this guitar for 10 years and then sold it (married with children).. The guitar now actually belongs to a band mate and good friend, but he will not part with it. I may have to resort to violent means to get it back lol.

GIBSON ES-150 DC reviewed by Anonymous

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Although people usually compare it to the ES 335 ("like a 335, but three inches thick"), it is actually more like a double cutaway version of an ES 175, in that it is a true hollow body, without the wooden block supporting the bridge (as in the 335 and other "semi-hollow body" guitars). The sound is indistinguishable from an ES-175, and it plays like one other than the double cutaway (and better access to upper frets). Gibson made use of this access by extending the fretboard to 22 frets, rather than the 19 frets on most ES 175s. I bought mine in Denver, in first jazz guitar, and the only guitar from that portion of my life I didn't eventually sell or trade. I never will. Someday, when I am gone, that guitar will go to one of my guitar-playing buddies. It's a wonderful and unique guitar, and its rarity adds to its appeal.

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