GUILD S-400 A #EB100022

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I bought a guitar in the early 80's in a shop in munich (germany). According to my knowledge (and the invoice) it is a Guild S400 (I remember the guy in the shop telling me it is a S400AD, the A stands for Ash, the D stands for DiMarzio Pickups).
He told me they got it from the music fair in Frankfurt (it was a prototype he said), and I can say I immediately fell in love with and bought her.
According to their serial-database it is the last but one of the S300A-series build in 1979, but a friend of mine played in that time a S300D, and that was a different guitar. The body is the same, but pick-ups, pick-guard, electronics, switches and the bridge are different ....
You can see my baby on the pic, the only thing not original is the GK-3 pickup I added for my GR-20.

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About the controls/switches :
There are two sub and one main gain,
as well as an active eq with bass, mid and high control.
A switch for chosing the pick (3-way)
one switch (2-way) for a bass-boost of the front pick
one for bass-boost of the rear pick
one for high-boost of the rear pick
one for activating the active eq