Guild Derek Holt B-302

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Guild Derek Holt B-302 advert

This Guild advert from December 1980 issue of Guitar magazine features Derek Holt of the Climax Blues band playing a Guild B-302 bass.

The Climax Blues Band reflects the positive results of plaing together more than 10 successful years. since its beginnings in the English Midlands, the band has recorded a dozen albums, had several hit singles and toured the States many times.

Derek Holt has been the solid hard-driving bass player of the Climax Blues Band since its early days. "My B-302 can take everything I give it", he says. "The neck and fingerboard are what I was looking for. The pickups are right for the Climax sound. I'm really pleased."

Ann outstandingplayer and an outstanding bass - Derek Holt and Guild. Guild made in USA.


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