Guild Sidebenders Strings 1980

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Guild Sidebenders Strings ad 1980

Guild Sidebenders strings advert  featured in Guitar magazine December 1980:

Guild strings are made to be as good as your guitar. Strings are the most important part of a guitar. No strings, no sound. Poor strings can make a rich- sounding guitar sound poor. Use strings crafted as carefully as a fine instrument, and your guitar comes to life. Guild makes some of the world’s finest guitars. Guild is concerned with bringing out the best in them. So we've completed the circle of design by producing our own strings. Every guitar we build sets a challenge our strings mustmeasure up to. Which means our strings are designed to be good for any kind of guitar. And that’s good for your music.
Why Guild strings are so good. Guild knows what a guitar and keep sounding great, Weusethe best alloys for the job to wind each type of string. And hexagonal steel cores so the windings won't slip or unravel. You wind up with strings with perfect intonation, extra-long life, clear, balanced tone from octave to octave. Strings that won't wear down frets, and are consistent from set to set. Guild strings can save your neck. Don’t just re-string it—Guild your instrument. Whether you play rock, jazz, country, folk, bluegrass or classical.  Whether you play it on acoustic or electric guitar, bass, 12-string, banjo or mandolin. There’s a set of Guilds made to be the best for each use. In whatever gauge helps you play best. To keep the magic in the music. If you're good enough to want great strings, you want Guilds.