Faraday Guitars

Faraday Guitars is owned by designer Rafael Lopez of Silicon Valley. Based in Las Vegas, NV, Faraday guitars design & hand manufacture professional feature packed electric guitars.The company's name pays homage to Michael Faraday who discovered electromagnetic induction - which is how guitar pickups work. In most of their guitars they use their own Faraday Magnetic Coil Pickup

CHARVEL CHS 2 #1015941

Its a 1995, Koran Crafted, Charvel CHS 2, all original. Screws and all! It had had the solder touched up and a .022 uf Capacitor in the tone knob, creates a reason for a tone knob, keep out treble but not roll off mids or bass. This non locking tremelo puts Stratocasters to can dive bomb to your heats content.

GIBSON ES-240 #unknown

Build Year – 1977,  Day - 285

Plant/Product number (of that day): Kalamazoo/132

Bought in 1978 at the old Giannini Music Center store on Irving Park Rd. in Chicago.

Prototype: Bare wood around where the Tailpiece Stud Inserts holes were drilled are visible, so I covered them wilt red felt.  The store informed me about that before I bought it.

Modifications: I replaced the Stopbar tail piece with a TP-6 for precise tuning. Also replaced the strap buttons with the Schaller Strap Lock system.

SAMICK SG-450 #S6085875

Buyed in 1999 (my model it's made in 1996 ,in august), solid mahogany body and neck, cherry colour, original mics and almost new! The sound it's similar to a Gibson '61, and very has a very good finishes.

Comprada en 1999 (my modelo es de 1996, de agosto) cuerpo y cuello de caoba sólida, color cereza y tiene los mics originales y está como nueva! El sonido es similar a una Gibson del 61 y tiene muy buenas terminaciones.

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Sonic Sound and Light Inc.

Sonic has a great selection of todays top brands. From starter guitars, high end guitars, bass, Roland V-Drums, trust Sonic to provide superior service and quality. Sonic also has a great lesson program in guitar, bass, drum, piano and wind instruments. Sonic has the best guitar tech in Kamloops, come on down and talk to Rob to set up your guitar or help you wth any guitar problems that you may have. See you soon! 

Bullet Cable

Bullet Cable is an instrument cable brand. Bullet Cables Feature 99.99% oxygen-free copper conductors and dual-shielded construction with a single end termination for strikingly fuller tone and drastic noise reduction, quality-molded connectors with corrosion-resistant 24K gold-plated tips to preserve signal strength, and flexible symbol-printed jackets, Bullet Cable Instrument Cables display unrivaled sound integrity and design.

Available in lengths of 12 FT (3.66 M) and 20 FT (6.1 M), Bullet Cable Instrument Cables are custom-voiced for basses and guitars.

BC-DB in Gtr

Leicestershire and Midlands Luthier and Guitar Tech

Guitarists Welcome

Serving Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and the rest of the UK Midlands I specialise in Electric Guitars. These could be compared to high performance sports cars. If you want them serviced or modified it's best to take them to a specialist. Whatever your style, be it rock, metal, blues, country, jazz etc., you need an instrument that is fast and easy to play so you can concentrate on performance and not on struggling with a guitar that is not holding tune or is holding you back.

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